The Good Stuff

Whenever I introduce myself to someone new, or need to give a "fun fact" about myself, it's always that I have diabetes.  You already know that, so what else.  

I love my family.
My two biggest supporters
The Boisvert women at my uncle's wedding in 2003
Grammy & Grampa Dea with 3 of their grandchildren and their great-grandchild
Easter 2001
Disney World 1999-2000
Eighth Grade Graduation with Mom, Dad & Rags
No, he's not a dia-dog, but he's my boy
Overcoming my fear of heights 

I have the best friends in the world.
Meghan (my longest dia-buddy) & I at Oktoberfest in Boston
Paige & I at a Red Sox game
me & Rebel at Pops Goes the Fourth! (21 year diabetes anniversary)
My two best dia-buddies
Caty & me in Puerto Rico
Willet & me on my 23rd birthday
NYE with the family at Sunday River (in high school)
These two make for great dia-buddy support (especially when we're together)

Kiwi, Broccoli, Phoenix
Wine Tasting

I love to ski (it's the only thing I've been doing longer than I've had diabetes).
Mont Tremblant
I love coffee.  That is an understatement. 

I am a synchronized swimmer. 
Figure Meet, November 2009

I love to play tennis. 
Plymouth State vs. Endicott, 2007

I decided to run a 10 mile race in 2009 for the chance at winning a contest to donate $1000 to a diabetes group.
Finish Line is in sight

I have a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Plymouth State University, and now I'm a nanny.
May 2008

I like to scrapbook (this is part of one I made for my mother)

I grew up in NH, I now live in Boston, but a piece of my heart lives in Oregon.
Mt. Hood
Gales Creek Camp 2008
Final Goodbye, August 2009

I share my birthday with my grandfather and Nancy Gati. 
September 12, 2002
I love country music.

I love football, and I never really had a choice in the matter. 

I love to take the time to stop and smell the roses. 
Cross Country skiing in Waterville Valley

Dorado, Puerto Rico

somewhere on the drive between Dartmouth & Plymouth

Cape Cod in September

snow :)
My mother's sunflowers

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

between Seattle & Bainbridge Island

view from the Space Needle
Boston from the Harbor
golfing in Dunbarton


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