Friday, December 3, 2010

Morning Snack

I don't usually have a morning snack, but yesterday I started that tradition again.  At Girl Genius's school, her best friend hasn't been there all week because she's sick, and then I read about Kerri being Real People Sick and then on Wednesday when I was at my apartment during the middle of the day, my roommate was on the couch in all her sickness glory.  And that's the one that makes me most nervous.  So now I'm drinking Mango deliciousness and C-Boost.  It packs some serious carbs for a small serving (4 oz. = 20g), but if it will help me not be sick, I'm totally riding this train.

December 3: Believe from The Polar Express
This was always a favorite book of mine back as a small child, and then the movie (and the songs that go with it) just make my heart feel good.  And while I was at Plymouth State, I volunteered for Believe in Books and their Polar Express event.  I got to be a hot chocolate chef  and help all the children believe when they hear the bell ring.  Seeing the looks on those children's faces is what this season is all about.  

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