Thursday, March 17, 2011

Diabetes Research

Every so often, I like to search diabetes on to see if there is anything new and interesting.  As I read this on Tuesday night, I felt bad.  I felt bad because during the day I said I want the number of T1s to stop increasing.  My understanding from this brief article is that once a patient is diagnosed, or aware that they are capable of developing T1 in the future, the drug otelixizumab would protect what is left so that the onset of T1 can be delayed.  

When I searched "Tolerx diabetes" on Google, I found that it is not only being tried for diabetes, but RA as well.  When I was in college, I read a lot of research papers on diabetes as they relate to classrooms, but I haven't read scientific information in a long time.  It took me quite a few tries to get through and understand.  So it doesn't seem that this study has been successful.  (If you don't agree with eternal optimists, then you might want to stop reading now)  But how cool would that be?  I mean, someone could get diagnosed with T1 (not cool), but people believe this drug has the ability to hold you where are in the "progression."  To continue producing insulin if that is  what your body is doing, or to produce C-peptide.  And even if it can't do it forever, delaying someone's official diagnosis date sounds pretty awesome to me.  

When I first started reading, I was disappointed, sad & upset that it didn't work.  And yea, it kinda sucks.  But I'm amazed that there are people out there who can actually think of this stuff.  But watch out, if this stuff works someday, maybe Scott will give up Diet Coke?

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