Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Love to Read

And in loving to read, I've always loved book quotes.  I used to collect them and hang them on my dorm room like crazy.  Now that I'm an "adult," I like to find more practical applications for the quotes I like.  In my old blog, I would write about them, or just write them in my entries.  But I decided it would be good to now find quotes that can be applied to my diabetes life.  Worth Dying For is the first book I finished on my NOOKcolor  and it's great because once I'm done I can easily find my bookmarked/highlighted quotes.  I also want to say that this book has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes, besides my "if I tried to do that, I'd totally go low" thoughts.

"Thoughts don't necessarily happen one at a time.  They come in starbursts and waterfalls and explosions and they race away on parallel tracks, jostling, competing, fighting for supremacy."

Sometimes I think that how I take care of my diabetes follows the same patterns.  I'm testing.  And I'm bolusing.  And I'm changing my pump site.  But I'm surviving.  And that's all.  And then I have the time to think, and I realize that there's a specific time of day where I'm having the same problem.  And then one day it's fixed.  But two things changed that day, so I need to try to separate the two and see which actually caused the improvement.  And sometimes that's hard.  Wait, that is hard.  We aren't living with a straight-line disease.  But we do live with straight-line medicine.  So the ideas on how to make it work best come and go, and work and don't work.  

After reading this quote, I've started texting or emailing myself my diabetes ideas. It has helped.  I don't know if it has helped for the long-run, but so far it seems to have been helping.  

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