Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Quick Conversation with a Four Year Old

Girl Genius: Briley, can I have some of that juice?

Me: Sorry, not right now.  It's almost dinner time.

GG: Well.  Mommy & Daddy let me have it even if it's dinner time.

Me: But I'm not Mommy or Daddy.  Do you remember why I drink juice?

GG:  Something with your blood sugar.  Too much?

Me: You're right.  It is because of my blood sugar, but it is because I don't have enough blood sugar.  And you know how juice has sugar in it?  Well, the juice can put it in my blood to make me better.

GG: Okay *goes back to playing*


  1. i love 4 year olds. they take everything literally and don't always need explanations. awesome :)