Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday Fun!

All my new pump stuff :)

Pink pump site :)

Not only is it new, it's pink!
On Friday, a nurse from Animas came over to my apartment and we sat down and intensely learned all about Animas.  It was nearly time for a site change, so I changed.  Now I'm rocking a pink pump and I'm really excited about it.  There probably should be more to say, but I'm just excited right now :)

P.S.  I didn't actually wear gym shorts the whole time, but I'm more comfortable putting sites in my leg, so I changed so I wasn't dropping my pants in front of the nurse.  Because changing is way less awkward.  


  1. why didn't you sit at the kitchen table? ;)

  2. I'm nervous to try the pump on my leg, but if you are comfortable with it I guess I should try...

  3. Elle Woods would be totally jealous of your pump!

  4. I'm always so excited when I get new gadgets for my D. Yeah pink!!

  5. That's my next pump I think! I was working tonight and when I was checking out some guests, I found out that they worked at the medical supply company that I get my cgm & pump from. They pretty much sold me on the Ping then & there...I can't wait to hear how you like it!

  6. Glad to see another gal who puts infusion sets in her legs. I also use my tummy / back side (keeps me flexible - remember I'm not a youngster like you - 1/2 century old here <lol). Rotation, rotation, having been MDI 40 years prior to pumping - keeps the evil scar tissues from forming!

    So, my lime green Animas 2020 aka Salvador Dali says "ole" to your new pink Animas Ping :)