Friday, May 27, 2011

Low, Low and More Low

The weather here has gone from raw, rainy and cold to summer.  And with this, my BGs have gone from roller coaster, to low.
Yesterday at Girl Genius's gymnastics, I felt a little low, and there was a 45 mg/dL  staring me back in the face.  Two days ago, I was about to complain that Trader Joe's didn't have 4 oz juice boxes until the 6 oz didn't raise me.
And two days ago I was low so frequently that I couldn't run or go to the gym, but I did do an at home workout, which kicked my a$$.
Yesterday after gymnastics, when I stopped to buy test strips, I got a frappucino too.  I bolused for half of it.  And then forgot to bolus for my yogurt.  And the highest I went? 204 mg/dL.

This is the thing though.  I know that I need to lower my basals.  But it's hard to do a basal test when you're eating all the time.  And I've been eating fruit and fruit and, ... more fruit.  Also, the times that I've been going low from day to day are not consistent!  Makes it a lot harder to even figure out where to start.  I'll get there.  Until then, I'll keep my juice boxes and my tabs and my liquid glucose a lot closer.


  1. All I know is that those Frappuccinos are like 64g, and it's tough to justify... yet I always do. So doesn't seem bolus-worthy, but rarely do I put the temptation aside for that reason. Craziness. Weather changes do impact BGs, I've noticed, but I'm just too darn lazy myself to do anything about it. That'll change sometime, like tomorrow... or the next day. Good luck on your end with the basal rates!

  2. I actually just learned about basal testing! I know it seems crazy, but it really does help. Maybe just pick one day and decide that should be the day to test. Good luck! I know it sucks :(

  3. I know what you mean about no rhyme or reason sometimes! That is when we upload my hubby's data and send it to his doc to figure out lol sometimes he will make a basal change, sometimes he will say let's wait and see...