Thursday, April 14, 2011

Closed Loop

Sometimes the world just comes together.  Monday afternoon was a beautiful day, and Boy Genius had a parent event at school and then Dad Genius worked his schedule to be able to pick him up after school.  Between the event and the end of school I was outside on the deck with Mom & Dad Genius and Girl Genius.  I needed to change my site Monday evening, so my low reservoir alarm beeped.  I looked down to turn it off and Dad Genius asked if they had a system that tests the blood sugar and automatically tells the pump what to do.  I reluctantly replied "not yet" while thinking in my head how my insurance doesn't even cover the CGM, when his reply was "that kind of closed loop system will be awesome for all people with diabetes."

Yes sir, yes it will.

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  1. Yes, that "not yet" answer... I say that same thing to some people who ask the question. My mom tells me that's the holy grail, that she's been waiting on for many many years. We'll see what comes to be.