Tuesday, April 12, 2011


College Art Class

Last night I had my first watercolor class.  The painting above is a watercolor I painted my junior year of college during an intro to art type class.  The assignment was kind of a past, present and future assignment with icons depicting the major events in our life.  I did not become serious about taking care of my diabetes until I started writing this blog, and yet this was done 3 - 4 years ago and most of my icons are diabetes related.  

Diabetes Icons
The river: diagnosed with diabetes
The green trees: Camp Carefree
The red cross: ketoacidosis in 2003
6.0: diabetes A1C 

I believe that the third island is "future."  This island includes Camp Carefree, 6.0 A1C, becoming a teacher and traveling.  The only thing I have done is traveled.  This is not bad, it's just another reminder that life doesn't always go in the direction you think it will.  I never did make it back to Camp Carefree, But I went to Gales Creek Camp, which is also part of traveling.  And I may not be a teacher, but I do teach every day and I love my job and feel as though I am making an impact.  And right now I'm working really hard on the A1C.  So hopefully I can get that part of my future island.  And maybe not 6.0.  But a 6._ would be incredible.  

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