Friday, November 5, 2010


I was drawing a blank, but it's National Diabetes Month so how could I not have anything to write about.  There has to be something, but yesterday was a boring diabetes day.  It's not that yesterday was a good diabetes day, but it's been up and down, up and down so I'm correcting & bolusing following this pattern.  Pretty boring stuff.  

I've glanced at the Diabetes Sisters before, and I'm interested in them, but my interest hasn't been piqued quite yet.  Since today is Orange Will (I am not participating because I am trying to wear blue every single day this month), I thought that I would focus on these sisters and see what they have to offer me.   I decided to sign up for the Sistermatch program.  I am not sure where this will take me, or who it will set me up with, or how many times I'll talk to them, or if it will continue even longer, but I look forward to what this will bring me over the next six weeks.

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