Friday, October 8, 2010


The other day I had a lot of memories come rushing in and I want to make them fit here.  The reason they fit, they have nothing to do with diabetes.

I got to work the other morning and Girl Genius & Mom Genius were sitting at the table eating breakfast.  Girl Genius was wrapped in a fleece blanket.  I remember sitting with my mother at our breakfast table one morning, when all of a sudden we heard lots of pounding upstairs and then all of a sudden Fluffy came rolling down the stairs.  We had a little beagle, Rags, who was jealous of Fluffy and would "attack" him any chance she got.  This moment, while seemingly annoying, also funny & impressive because Fluffy was definitely bigger than Rags.

This week has been kind of rainy, and the other day Girl Genius & I were walking to pick up Boy Genius & a friend from school.  We were bundled up in our pink raincoats, our boots, and we had a big red & white umbrella.  Unfortunately, this umbrella wasn't quite working correctly so every so often, it would collapse down and we'd get a giant puddle dumping down on us.  None of us were really excited about it, but I was in  a good mood despite the rain, so I said "It's an adventure!"  It reminded me of walking home from the bar with my roommate in college and it started to rain.  We took off our shoes & started dancing in the street.  It wasn't about the rain, or the people, or anything else.  It was just about enjoying the moment, no matter what was "in the way."

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