Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time flies when...

On Monday night I had a sweet spike before going to bed (no pun intended), 344.  I took a shot and went to sleep.  When my alarm went off yesterday morning, it felt as though no time had passed.  And even though I haven't woken up low recently, I knew right away that I was.  I couldn't even find my phone to turn off my alarm.  I knocked over all my books trying to turn on my light.  I hit my water bottle and almost let it crash right onto my pillow. I fumbled with my meter case, dropped the bottle of test strips, and finally tested.  It felt like 5 minutes had passed.  And then I turned off my alarm.  I was 54 so I knocked more things over trying to get my juice box, then stood up to turn on my light.  As I fumbled back to bed I knew there was no way that getting in the shower was a safe decision.  I went back into my bed, turned on the news and sat there for a moment.  I thought I didn't take anything, so I uncovered my lap and went to the refrigerator to get more juice.  I emptied the entire top shelf to get my juice (which was frozen), so I grabbed some of my roommates and gulped it down.  As I turned back towards the fridge from the sink, I couldn't figure out why all the beverages were on the counter, and then I realized that my juice had been frozen.  I started to put it all back together, and headed back to my room.  As I was walking in, my second alarm was going off.  Somehow, 25 minutes passed.

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