Sunday, October 3, 2010

"You only have type 2!"

From September 20, 2010

I'm not sure at what point it came, but there were times when I became frustrated about having diabetes.  I think we've all been there, but I don't remember it when I was first diagnosed.  I remember when I was in elementary school getting upset that mom or dad wouldn't test too.  I specifically remember throwing my meter across the room.  This was not a cute little meter like I currently use, but had test strips this size:
If the test strips are this size, you can imagine how big the meter actually was.  Back to being frustrated...I was talking with my mother and my aunt this weekend.  My aunt's mother was diagnosed with type 2 after I was diagnosed with type 1.  This woman was complaining to my aunt about all the work it took, and paying attention to what was going on in her life.  My mom remembers this story because these are the stories that carry you through the difficult times.  My aunt told her mother that because I had type 1, I have to be much more meticulous, do much more in regards to shots and eating, and I never complained.  (I am sure that isn't true, but I only complained to the endocrinologist and my parents.)  When my aunt would bring my cousins to the doctor and they didn't want to get a shot, she would tell them to suck it up because "look at how many shots Briley has to take!"  This really cracks me up.  Yes, I took a lot of shots.  In the first year alone, I tested my blood sugar at least 1,460 times and took shots at least 1,095 times.  But when I went to the doctor, I WAS that screaming child.  My mother always told me not  to worry because I have to take enough shots so getting shots and blood taken was something I was allowed to get upset about.  This wasn't part of my every day, this was more.  It might not be fair, it might not have been the best thing to say since I still couldn't get a shot by myself when I was 18 (now that I'm 25 I can handle it, but I still have to be reminded to breathe).

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